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March 22, 2008
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Tsunami attack: Petronas by phantastes Tsunami attack: Petronas by phantastes
Post election - Malaysia enters uncharted waters.
The silent majority have spoken! Makkal sakti! (Power to the people!) :clap: :clap:

Stock images from
Special credit to
scmatchmo (Petronas Twin Towers)
Obsidian Dawn (Waterfall brushes) :highfive:
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SAMLIM Feb 25, 2009  Professional Photographer mau masuk lokap ah ?
...nanti ISA....AIA...MIA...JPJ...JKR cari you loh.

Bro, I give kopi-o money under the table ok or not? XD
SAMLIM Feb 26, 2009  Professional Photographer
KOPI-O is not the problem few years ago....

Today problem is not undertable issue, but others party like to created stories/manupulated behind your main idea/intention of arts drawing......that's headached !

Your art is solid, bro! XD I don't think anyone will want to say bad things bout it. Also sometimes very funnylah, very real life and beautiful :eyes:
I was given a calender by friends - done by a former minister, Datok CKHon [link] What do you think of his work?
SAMLIM Feb 26, 2009  Professional Photographer
ya...calendar photography always need such kind of collections/shots.

His work is good but similiar to all others Chinese SALON Photographer porfolio.
Salon Photography that done by old sifu usually more on China /Bird feed birdie photography.

I was in Salon world long time ago...and a few FIAP medal including PSA plus local medal.
They award Salon medal if you won in thier International Salon Photography Challenge.
I have three Gold medal from Austria Salon Award in Linz year 2002.

I finally no link any Salon style photography anymore because busy and most of all...I notice all of them have similiar beautiful big scenary shots.

Yes it is beautiful photography but sometimes I feel this :
'...actually it is the natural scenary of certain place and photographer individual good investment camera make that scenary shots great ! ...not much related to skills. '

No offence all but that's my study....why ?
Read this :
Those big scenary shots usually gave same composition that they put a subject at corner...a man walk..a farmer...boat...etc....this is similiar chinese painting concept.
Then,,,,for photography technique,...anyone that have luck/budget to travel to that certain place with a good camera....they can also get those kind shots easily because it just need certain time wait for certain best lighting then composition like I mention just now. Finally even if a person no good in setting speed/apreature...they can easily set F/11...F/13...F/22...F/32...use all the function of apreature have in camera...SURE ONE BEST QUALITY SHOTS WILL GET and deleted away all those not nice apreature shots ! There's BINGO !
Many old sifu that long time ago who use slide/negative also hidden cut away thier extra wrong apreture setting shots then show worldwide the best one...get's award !

I study such kind big scene landscape shots in Salon certain years and i must admit...if you able travel same place stand beside also can have those kinds shots.
It's just 30% skils need...another 70% is luck because not everyone can travel everywehere to get those big scene landscape shots !

...bravo to thier lucky photographer.

...shit, i offence ?
Hell, no! :D Thank you for teh long description and impressive portfolio you have! Hopefully if I can get my compact SLR soon, I can just simply tembak, and get an award winning shot - :wow: :lol:
SilEnigmaArts Dec 7, 2008   Digital Artist
G'day, just wanted to let you know that I have featured your wonderful art here [link]
Eni :)
Can't thank you enough, Karla! Forever grateful! :nod:
SilEnigmaArts Dec 8, 2008   Digital Artist
No thanks necessary....your artwork is wonderful and I am only to happy to include it in my journal for all to see :)
SilEnigmaArts Dec 1, 2008   Digital Artist
Wow....awesome !!
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